Contribution of the GIS in the assessment of the urbanization challenges and the impact on the ecosystems: The case study of El Fqih Ben Saleh city, Tadla Plain, Morocco


  • Aziz MAZIANE University of Hassan II Mohammedia Casablanca, Faculty of Letters and Human Science, Laboratory of Space and Society, Casablanca (MA)
  • Jamila SAIDI University of Hassan II Mohammedia Casablanca, Faculty of Letters and Human Science, Laboratory of Space and Society, Casablanca (MA)
  • Taieb BOUMEAZA University of Hassan II Mohammedia Casablanca, Faculty of Letters and Human Science, Laboratory of Space and Society, Casablanca (MA)



agricultural land loss, ecosystems, deforestation, GIS, Google Earth Imagery, pollution, urban growth, urbanisation challenge


The improved economic performance and development created some new challenges, such as high urbanisation rates and environmental degradation worldwide. In this context, the presented article focuses on the relationships among urbanization, specifically the urban attraction challenge, and its impact on ecosystems in El-Faqih Ben Saleh City in Morocco. Besides, the urban attraction challenge refers to the dynamics that draw individuals to cities, encompassing economic opportunities, education, healthcare, and cultural amenities, while also posing challenges like overpopulation and resource strain. The article discusses how urban expansion often clashes with rural areas, affecting land use, the environment, and social dynamics. The boundaries between these urban and rural areas pose multiple issues and need an integrated planning strategy. The study employs Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, using high-resolution Google Earth Pro imagery, to assess the impacts of urbanization on the environment in El-Faqih Ben Saleh City. The obtained results reveal the city’s rapid urban growth and its consequences, such as deforestation, pollution, and agricultural land loss. The findings highlight the need for sustainable urban planning, green infrastructure, and mixed land use to mitigate these impacts. The case study of El-Faqih Ben Saleh City, considered as a small city to understand the broader dynamics of contemporary urbanization, emphasizes the importance of balancing urban growth with environmental and agricultural preservation.


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