Introduction pages, Nova Geodesia 3(1), 2023

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Nova Geodesia (, Issue 1, Volume 3, 2023: The papers published in this issue represent interesting novelties in different topics of geodetic science or related fields. Nova Geodesia publishes significant papers in geodesy and close topics, related to cartography, urban administration and environment, engineering projects and construction, landscape and ecology, environmental administration, geography, planetology, hydrography, etc. Among the exciting articles, we invite readers to find news about: Landslide susceptibility modelling in a part of Himachal Pradesh, India: An integrated method based on machine learning and geospatial techniques; Fertility and mortality differentials among the Paundra Kshatriya community living in a peri-urban setting, West Bengal, India; Comparative analysis of Road Scanning Techniques.



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SESTRAS, P. (2023). Introduction pages, Nova Geodesia 3(1), 2023. Nova Geodesia, 3(1), 117.
DOI: 10.55779/ng31117